Significant Benefits of Acacia Gum

Acacia gum is natural gum that can bring good benefits for the body. The gum comes from the exudation of wild acacia trees. The gum is produced from the area where incision is made around the stem and branch.  The gum can be harvested after the incision, and it is natural product of the tree. In fact, it is not something new. In ancient time, actually people have consumed the acacia gum and now it has become more popular since many research are conducted to uncover the benefits that can be brought by the acacia gum. Acacia gum is also known as gum arabic or E414 as its code. Now, it is known as the dietary fiber, and it is high level of fiber compared to other ingredients.

Acacia Gum as Ingredients of Healthy Foods

Alland & Robert becomes supplier of the natural acacia gum. The gum is 100% natural, and it is plant-based. It does not have any additional chemicals to preserve its natural benefits. In many situations, the acacia gum from the supplier is added as the ingredient for the healthy products. The gum is considered as the dietary fiber because it contains high level of fiber. When it is added as ingredient, it can be the stabilizer, texture agent, and even emulsifier. In fact, adding the acacia gum will not change the taste or flavor since it blends well with other ingredients. Then, it is high in fiber but very low in calorie. It can be digested easily. Since it is mostly considered as healthy source of fiber, it contains very low fat and low sugar. These are the characteristics that make the gum is healthy dietary fiber and it can be combined to make bread, cookies, and other foods.

FDA Approval of Acacia Gum

Acacia gum is totally safe for consumption. Alland & Robert has confirmed that in December 2021, acacia gum has got FDA approval. In its approval, the gum becomes dietary fiber, and it is labeled for nutrition purposes. With the approval of American FDA, of course it is valid to say that the acacia gum is very safe for consumption. Even, it is more than just consumable, but it is labeled for nutrition purposes, so its function as dietary fiber and the effect on health is also approved by the FDA. With the FDA approval, acacia gum will have massive impact since many people and even industries will start to look for the gums from supplier and Alland & Robert is fully ready to deal with the situation in providing high quality acacia gum.

Acacia Gum and Gut Health

Acacia gum brings benefits for the gut health and the digestive system. The gum supports the work of human microbiota inside the body in decomposing and doing other jobs inside the digestive system. Then, it is very soluble in water with low calories. It makes the gum very easy to digest and process. That is why it is very safe even for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome that often needs to have special ingredients in their diet. Since it contains high level of fiber, it supports the absorption of nutrients in the body, and it prevents constipation.

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