While eating in every part of the world is important, Swedes emphasize eating and drinking the right way. Food supplements are meant to supply the other nutrients that regular food may not include. They are also available to increase the intake of any vitamin that the patient may not be taking enough of. Whatever the case might be, you are looking for the best of these supplements to take. You can try searching for companies by reading reviews from popular brand reviews sites such as  ReviewsBird.

As a big figure in the world of international health, you will find different health products and food supplements designed, developed, and produced by various health brands in Sweden. It is our task to pull the mask of plenty apart and show you a few of the ones you can trust. Below are five of these brands and the health products they sell;


Apoteum was specially founded just to satisfy the need of Swedes for vitamin supplements in their everyday life. Apoteum’s targeted clients include you and your daily supplement need.

With an impressive catalog that includes different types of CBD oils, organic health products, body support, and probiotic products, Apoteum has established itself as one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of food supplements and health products.


If you are a frequent user of supplements, you will be unpleasantly familiar with the bad taste most of these products leave in the mouth long after they have been used. The ones with no bad taste leave a tangy taste that discourages you from using the next one. Swedish Supplements use different types of flavors in their numerous healthcare supplements, making them easier for you.


The products of Swedish Nutra are considered safe to use mainly because they use only natural ingredients in their supplements and health products. The absence of artificial or chemical ingredients in their products assures clients that their liquid supplements and collagen are of the highest quality money can buy.

Do you still have doubts? You can trust the fact that they are exported to and used in thirty-seven countries around the world.


Few symbols speak of quality more than the brand logo of NorVita. Based in Sweden, you can trust its use of Swedish herbs to deliver quality to its list of clients that grows every day.

The brand’s supplements have traveled worldwide and passed several quality tests. Their developed collagen gel for beauty treatment is especially widely requested.


New Nordic products have re-defined the meaning of boundaries and raised the expectation of consumers on quality delivery. With a huge presence in many countries, they have added these extra experiences in their Swedish food supplements to raise the expectation of their clients. So far, they have not failed the raised expectations.


All the food supplements and health products of the brands listed above have been defined to be made of world-class products and certified safe by their past customers.

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