Reviewing the Benefits of Working for Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition is a company that has thrived in the wellness space for decades. Since 1980, the enterprise has helped its employees find purpose and its customers discover new paths to better health. Being a part of the Herbalife family means embracing the values of the company. It means exploring how your talent can be used to make a difference in someone’s life.

The Corporate Mission of Herbalife

Herbalife provides a number of products that customers can use to lead a healthier lifestyle. The company wasn’t created to be a miracle cure or a shortcut though. Instead, it serves as a stepping stone that customers can use to help them get where they want to go.

True health isn’t a protein shake or a nutritional supplement, but a decision that we choose to make every day. The problem is that it’s all too easy to put health aside for unhealthy habits caused by the busy pace of life.

Independent distributors at Herbalife first take steps to find out more about what customers are struggling with. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or an around-the-clock schedule, the goal is for distributors to devise creative solutions for customers. They might choose different Herbalife products to streamline the customer’s personal journey.

lead a healthier lifestyle

Independent distributors get to form real relationships with customers, learning more about their lives and celebrating their accomplishments. When customers take one step back, the distributors are there to help them take two steps forward.

Customers can boost their metabolism as they start developing better habits. They can resist the foods that drag them down by choosing an Herbalife product that will lift them up.

Working for Herbalife 

The company invests heavily in supporting these distributors who are out in the field coaching their customers and changing communities. The company’s employees, from food scientists and dietitians to web developers and manufacturing technicians, all contribute to the work of these independent entrepreneurs.

You can see from the mission of Herbalife why websites like Glassdoor and Indeed are home to Herbalife Reviews that reveal positive experiences working for the company. When so many people take jobs just for the sake of employment, there’s real value in signing up for something greater than a paycheck.

Plus, Herbalife Nutrition offers a number of opportunities for people to find and develop their skills as they grow within their roles.

Jobs Around the World 

Herbalife welcomes people from all backgrounds. Leaders have long recognized the value of hiring people with different points of view. By stepping outside the corporate circle, they find people that can voice a variety of perspectives and solutions. The company operates around the world, creating numerous opportunities to connect with countless communities.

Herbalife employs hundreds of scientists to improve their health and wellness line and perfect the formulas of various products. The technology team supports existing systems and maintains tools, sites, and apps for employees, distributors, and customers. HR employees provide crucial communications and updates to employees and affiliates of the company. Packaging technicians ensure that products can be safely distributed, no matter where they’re headed. Everyone has a job to do, and employees take pride in their daily to-do list.

Many employees are also drawn to Herbalife for the charitable work that the organization is doing. The company’s leaders and employees have taken part in everything from blood drives to nutrition education campaigns. Their social impact initiatives such as Nutrition for Zero Hunger aim to provide underserved communities access to good nutrition, and the company provides many opportunities for employees and distributors alike to get involved.

Accolades for Herbalife 

In 2018, Forbes named Herbalife as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers. Personal Herbalife reviews from past employees have held plenty of praise for the opportunities they found there. Whether an employee started in one position and moved their way up or just found personal fulfillment in their role, there’s a lot to be gained from working for Herbalife. a

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