10 Super Tricks to Lose all the Weight you Want for Life!

I hate the word “obese”. With as much as 60% of the Americans being fat, you’d wonder why there isn’t some sort of law suit against certain institutes, public facilities, theatres, and most of all the airlines. Why? The seats are to small.

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Think about this for a second, now there is more fat people than there are skinny. Being embarrassed because of your fat isn’t the only problem though. If you don’t start losing weight, chances are a lot greater, you’ll pay for it in the long run. If you don’t have any physical problems that are apparent to you, they may be sneaking up on you.

Hey, I’m on your side. I hate the ideal of going on a plane and hoping that somebody sitting next to me will be skinny. With that said, there may only be a 40% chance of that happening. It’s been rumored that fat people may have to start paying for 2 seats when going on board the air craft. Now these are only minor costs. Especially since you may not fly that much.

The serious problems that I’d like to drown you with is the medical problems. If you are anything like the majority in your class, it’s already affecting you emotionally. I can sympathize with you at the clothes store. It is highly embarrassing.

Sometimes, you try every way possible to make yourself happy with the body you have. It only works temporarily. I even find my self justifying my size. I find clothes that are sloppy. They hide the most when you are wearing oversized clothes. However, when you pass by a mirror at the mall, you discover how ridiculously fat you really are. What is worse, the clothes make you look bigger.

Well, if you are not affected emotionally with all this then maybe it’s time to look at some other problems. Heart problems may slip up on you. Diabetes can be another. However, you’ve obviously heard all this stuff before. It’s not secret. Every time you’ve ever went to a doctor, they tell you to lose weight. Easier said than done.

I do have a way. It’s not the only way. I am sure you’ve tried slim fast, dexatrim, the atkins diet, and some of those crazy diets like the grape fruit diet.

Before you or anyone can lose weight, it’s best to get a little knowledge. Now rest assured that if you try to starve your body, it’s natural for it to attempt to protect itself. This is why its important for you to understand that no one can lose weight for you.

If you truly want to lose weight, you must understand that a true pound is worth 3500 calories. If you try to lose a pound in one day, the body will try to save itself. If you trick the body and retrain your body into a routine, then you will more than likely have success and still be happy.

Okay, if your ready to lose all that emotional stress, that embarrassment and most of all that weight, then I have 10 super simple steps to help you and get you back to a healthy body.

  • Frame of Mind. The first thing is to remind yourself that you are doing this for you. You do not owe anyone anything. You can’t lose weight for your spouse and they can’t lose weight for you.
  • Set a realistic Goal – Don’t say your going to lose 100 lbs. Tell yourself that you want to lose 4 lbs this week. Big goals are always accomplished with little goals.
  • Trick your body. Do not skip meals, just eat less at those meals. Don’t stuff yourself. Just quit early. Eat slowly. Do not eat in front of the television. This has a tendency to make you eat more without realizing it. Try eating in front of a mirror.
  • Plan your meals. If you don’t plan them and you go out to that favorite fast food place you’ve been supporting, then you will not lose weight. We are trying to change your habits.
  • Track what you eat. Write down everything you eat each day and evaluate it. The more education you have, the more weight you’ll lose. Plus it gives you something to do. It also make you consciously aware of your goals.
  • Shop on a full stomach. Most people buy more junk food and everything looks so good when you are hungry. If you go grocery shopping, it is extremely important that you eat something before you go.
  • Eliminate 2 Fats – You should actually get rid of two different fats. Animal fats which are better known at saturated fats and trans fats. Unfortunately, trans fats are harder to find. You can do some research on this while your sitting there not doing anything.
  • Exercise. I know this is the hardest thing for you to grasp. Did you know you can actually exercise in your office, on your couch or anywhere you please. Just do something more than you did before. Instead of asking someone to do something for you, do it yourself. Make exercise you friend. Do you like to window shop? Go look at some skinny clothes and look forward to it. Climb stairs at the mall.
  • Buddy System. It’s always been a known fact that if you are doing something with a buddy, chances are great that you’ll do better. It’s the natural competition in each of us that keep us going. If it’s not competition, it’s someone to talk to about your anger, your thoughts, and your goals.
  • Get motivated. Read as much motivational books you can. To achieve anything, you must want to. When you lose your motivation, it draws you down. Keep your spirits up and your weight will come off.
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